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Woody's is proud to present its new online catalog, where you're free to browse all our high quality custom-made northern white cedar products. We offer high quality and maintenance free Lawn Furniture, Garden Furniture, Deck Furniture, Sunroom Furniture, Screen House Furniture, Camp Furniture, Picnic Tables, Dining Tables, Chairs and Benches, Garden Bridges, Flower Boxes, Trellises, Benches for Gardens or Lawns, Deck Kits, Adirondack Furniture, Side Tables, Love Seats, Rocking Chairs, Potters Benches, Arbors, Walkways, Roll-up Wooden Walkways, Roll-out Wooden Walkways, Roll-out Cedar Walkways, Roll-up Cedar Walkways, Hot Tub Walkways, Wheel Chair Mat, Wheel Chair Walkway, Wheel Chair Pathway, Garden Walkway, Garden Pathway, Gardening Bench, Cedar Arbor, Arbors, Planters, Door Mat, Shower Mat, Sunburst Mat, Cedar Sunburst Mat, Northern White Cedar, Maine White Cedar. 

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Chairs & Ottomans

Katahdin Chair

Our classic Katahdin adirondack-style chair is the one that made us famous. Great lawn garden and deck furniture. Made from durable, resilient and comfortable northern white cedar.

$179.00     Width 33" • Height 40" • Depth 33"


Our classic Ottoman is the perfect addition to our Katahdin chair, and fits perfectly with it. Also fits Baxter and Doubletop chairs. Your feet will thank you for it.

$55.00     Width 20" • Height 11.5" • Depth 21"

Side Table

Our Side Table complements all chairs and loveseats. Made from durable, resilient northern white cedar.

$79.00     Width 26" • Height 21" • Depth 16.5"

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High Katahdin Chair

Our High Katahdin is perfect for those who prefer a slightly higher seat. Many of our customers find this chair easier to get in and out of than our classic Katahdin.

$179.00     Width 33" • Height 40.5" • Depth 33"

High Ottoman

Our High Ottoman is the perfect match for our High Katahdin chair. Give your feet a lift with this comfortable addition.

$55.00     Width 20" • Height 14.5" • Depth 20"

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Katahdin Rocker

Our new Katahdin Rocking Chair is a new twist on our old favorite. Imagine the style and craftsmanship of an Adirondack-style rocking chair with the comfort of a rocker in the durability of northern white cedar! This is one of our most popular furniture items. Great for decks, lawns, sunrooms, and screen houses etc.

$179.00     Width 33" • Height 40" • Depth 33"

Oval Side Table

Our new Oval Side Table adds a new look and is compatible to all of our chairs and loveseats. Made from durable, resilient northern white cedar.

$84.00     Width 22" • Height 21 " • Length 30.5"


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Baxter Loveseat

Our Baxter Loveseat is for those who want to sit a little closer. Just like our classic Katahdin, but made for two. Don't forget to add a classic Ottoman or two to the Baxter Loveseat for more comfort!

$279.00     Width 54" • Height 36" • Depth 36"

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High Baxter Loveseat

Just like the classic Baxter Loveseat, but raised like our High Katahdin to make it easier for you and someone you love to get in and out of.

$279.00     Width 54" • Height 41" • Depth 33"

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Rocking Baxter Loveseat

A new twist on our classic Baxter Loveseat -- it rocks! The durability and convenience of our northern white cedar love seat, with the comfort of a rocker. It doesn't get any better than this.

$289.00     Width 55" • Height 40" • Depth 33"


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Double-Top Loungers

Double-Top Lounger

It's a classic Katahdin chair made for two! Two side-by-side Katahdins with a table in between, perfect for lounging around and sipping a cool beverage on a warm summer day.

$395.00     Width 78" • Height 36" • Depth 36"


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High Double-Top Lounger

Just like our classic Double-Top Lounger, but built higher so it's easier to get in and out of. Perfect for your garden or even looks great in your TV room!

$395.00     Width 78" • Height 41" • Depth 33"


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Potter's Benches

Potter's Bench

Pursue all your garden tasks with our handsome Potter's Bench. Made from durable and resilient northern white cedar, it will stand up to even your toughest yardwork projects. Comes in 36" and 48" widths.

$139.00     Width 36" • Height 47.5" • Depth 20"

$169.00     Width 48" • Height 47.5" • Depth 20"

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Cedar Arbor

Add style and functionality to any garden with Woody's northern white cedar arbors. Comes with six planters. Custom dimensions are available, call Woody's Enterprises Inc. toll-free (866) 746-3114 for more information.

$350.00     Exterior dimensions: Width 6' • Height 6'11" • Depth 20"     Opening dimensions: Width 45-55" • Height 6'4"

Arbor Lattice Panels & Entry Fence

Purchase our Arbor options, including Lattice Panels and Entry Fence.

$75.00     Arbor Lattice Panels          $75.00     Arbor Entry Fence


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Cedar Roll-out Walkways

10-Foot Cedar Walkway Section

Our 10-Foot Cedar Walkway sections are perfect for controlling foot traffic throughout your lawn and garden. Design your own elegant walkway using curves and corners to make winding paths over grass, stone, concrete, or just about any surface. Parts join together to make a continuous walkway. Rolls out for installation, rolls up for easy storage, too. Custom dimensions are available. Walkways come in 24" and 32" widths.

$90.00     Width 24" • Length 10' • Thickness 5/4"          $122.50     Width 32" • Length 10' • Thickness 5/4"

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45-Degree Walkway Curve

Use our 45-Degree Walkway Curves to create a wooden walkway system that fits your terrain and traffic flow. 45-Degree Walkway Curves come in 24" and 32" widths and join together with Walkway Sections and other Curves. Order two 45-Degree Curves to create a gradual sweeping 90-degree curve.

$41.00     Width 24" • Thickness 5/4"          $51.00     Width 32" • Thickness 5/4"

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90-Degree Corner

Our 90-Degree Corners allow you to negotiate obstacles and fit the contours of your yard and garden. 90-Degree Corners come in 24" and 32" widths and join together with Walkway Sections and other Curves.

$45.00     Width 24" • Thickness 5/4"           $56.00     Width 32" • Thickness 5/4"

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Cedar Mats

Sunburst Mat

Our Sunburst Mats liven up any spot. Use as a door mat or in any decorative situation. Made from durable, resilient three-quarter-inch-thick northern white cedar.

$42.50     Width 38" • Depth 23" • Thickness 3/4"


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Door Mat or Shower Mat

Our northern white cedar mats can be used in your outdoor shower or in front of any door. Comes in two sizes, 16" x 24" or 24" x 36".

$23.50     16" x 24" • Thickness 3/4"          $37.50     24" x 36" • Thickness 3/4"

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