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Woody's Enterprises, Inc. is a small, family owned corporation established in July of 1992 with assets throughout central and northern Maine with the corporate office located at 1685 Medway Road, Medway, Maine 04460. Woody's is involved in several businesses, with its primary focus in value added forest products.

In 1855, twenty-two years after Henry David Thoreau trekked through this area on his way to Mt. Katahdin; William and Hannah McLaughlin bought a piece of land and homesteaded in what is now Medway, Maine (then called Nicatou). The East and West branches of the mighty Penobscot River merge here, then flow to the Atlantic Ocean, providing easy access to the outside world as well as to the virgin forests. Lumbering was a natural means of income.

Forty-five years later in 1900, Great Northern Paper Co. arrived and caused the population to explode in the nearby towns of Millinocket and East Millinocket. The McLaughlins settled in this area working with the forest, coming before the rise of population. So it seemed inevitable that 145 years later the 5th and 6th generations of McLaughlins would turn to this means of income. After all, it's in the blood!

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Woody's Enterprises, Inc.